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Londonist's Team Building Activity in Turkey

Published Bernice on Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Londonist's Team Building Activity in Turkey

Many companies do team building activities for their staff members, but very few go all out and take their global team skiing! Well this is Londonist!! Between the 10th and 12th January 2020 the London, Istanbul and Shanghai teams joined forces on the snowy slopes of Kartepe in Turkey, and all together they managed to achieve a perfect combination of business and pleasure. Not only that, but they also added some interesting workshops delivered by No Fluff to the recipe!

On Friday, the London and Shanghai teams received a warm welcome by the team in Turkey as well as Londonist's CEO, and they spent their first evening together celebrating with drinks and traditional Turkish food around fires in the snow.

The next day started off with some team building activities by No Fluff including speed dating (!!) and other activities to boost communication, build trust, and continue to build the level of commitment and team spirit that already exists at Londonist, whose motto is that great things can only be achieved by great teams. The next part of the day consisted of different company presentations mainly focusing on the company's growth throughout 2019.

Londonist's CEO Mr. Asim Ertuk, focused his part of the presentation on the company's future and the exciting year that awaits. "But Londonist is not just a company. We are a big family and it is exactly this culture that motivates us to achieve great success." Following a lovely evening on the snow, the final day of this team building activity saw the Londonist team brainstorming and setting new targets and goals with more enthusiasm then ever before.

Check out this video clip here!!

"This event raised the bar higher and we will definitely keep the excitement going with more events like this in the future. With moments of great laughter and fun, a sense of accomplishment for the past and excitement for the future and lots of memorable Instagram posts, we definitely had a weekend to remember", say the Londonist team.

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