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Date of last revision: October 10, 2016

Schools & Agents is a company that closely follows the language travel industry and makes it a point to frequently publish business related news and articles. It also operates as a business platform where language schools around the world can become members and promote themselves to agents.

Before you submit any personal information to Schools & Agents, please read these Terms and Conditions - Privacy Policy carefully. By accessing the Schools & Agents website located at (also referred to as the "Website") you are accepting the policies and practices described in below.

  1. Agents area usage agreement

The following Usage Agreement (also referred to as the 'Agreement') governs the use of the Schools & Agents Agents' Area (also referred to as the 'Agents' Area'). You (the 'User') agree to be bound by this Agreement and these Terms and Conditions with Schools & Agents (also referred to as the 'Company', 'We', 'Us') described below, in addition to any terms and conditions which are relevant for the Schools & Agents Website Services in general.

By accessing the Agents' Area service on our website you are confirming that you have accepted this Agreement. By accepting and agreeing you prove that you are authorized to access this website in your personal capacity and/or as the authorized person representing an organisation or entity engaged as an Agent, Partner or Affiliate (within your 'Organisation') of Schools & Agents. By so doing you legally bind such a person or entity to this Agreement. You also authorise Us to send email or electronic messages to you or your Organisation either directly or indirectly.

The most recent and updated version of this User Agreement and associated Terms and Conditions shall replace any prior versions published to the Agents' Area Website.

  1. Accuracy of information contained in the website

The information contained in this website is intended for the general information of the Agents, Partners and Affiliates of Schools & Agents only.

The company receives and stores any information you enter on the Site or provide to Company in any other way, including information related to your registration on the Site. This includes information that can identify you or the contact person within your organization ("Personal Information"), including your first and last name, telephone number, Skype ID and e-mail address(es), Username and Password. The Site may also request, or you may provide the Site with, information about your organization. This includes telephone number, postal and e-mail addresses and Skype ID.

All reasonable care has been taken to ensure accuracy in the completion and updating of the Site. Where errors or omissions are brought to the attention of Schools & Agents, amendments will be made as speedily and as practically possible. However, Schools & Agents does not accept any liability to any person in contract or tort or otherwise for direct or consequential loss caused to the User arising from anything contained in this site or for any error or omission in it even if such loss or damage is caused by the inattention of Schools & Agents, its employees or agents.                                                    

  1. Usernames, Passwords and Security

The materials contained in the Agents' Area are for the use of authorised Agents, Partners or Affiliates in good standing with Schools & Agents and not for use by the general public or any other person or entity.

The Agents' Area is accessible only by use of a username and password ('Identification Details'). For your convenience we provide a facility where you may register and select your own memorable username and password.

You are responsible for maintaining the security and confidentiality of your Identification Details. You are responsible for all activities carried out under your username and password. You may not allow any other person outside your company to use your username or password.

You agree to notify Us by emailing [email protected] or [email protected] if you believe that unauthorised use of your username and password has taken place or if you believe that there may have been a breach of security related to your Identification Details.

Schools & Agents may, at its discretion, disable any Identification Details thereby denying access if and when it believes that Identification Details have been compromised, misused or that the security of a username and password has been breached.

  1. Payment

Upon receiving their invoice from Schools & Agents, schools can proceed to pay their fee via credit card by following the link sent to them and affecting their payment within 20 days of receiving the invoice. If this is not done, we reserve the right to remove your listing and profile from our site.

Our clients are also given the option to make an international bank transfer or pay via PayPal. Schools & Agents bank details are provided together with the invoice.

  1. VAT Numbers

Schools within the EU must provide their VAT number in the Billing Section when filling out their profile details. We reserve the right to ask schools for their VAT number if this is not immediately provided when they first register.

In the event that schools do not provide us with the necessary Billing information, i.e. a VAT number that is registered on the VIES system (Link provided: we reserve the right to charge additional VAT on the set fees. The administered VAT rate will depend on the current rate in Malta (18%), where Schools & Agents is registered.

VAT is charged to those schools / entitites who operate outsie of the EU as well.

  1. Use of Personal Information

The Company uses the information we collect about you for the following general purposes: for registration and to manage your account, including to facilitate your access to and use of the Site; to communicate with you in general, including to provide information about the Site; to respond to your questions and comments; and to otherwise customize your experience on the Site.

  1. Communication with this website

Schools & Agents does not warrant that the functions contained in this Website or the Website itself will be uninterrupted, error-free, be free from defects, viruses or any other harmful components. You agree that Schools & Agents shall not be liable for failure to provide services or access to this Website.

Information provided by this Website and information you provide to this website may be subject to corruption, compromise, destruction, misdirection or loss. Information you provide may be edited or removed from the website by Schools & Agents. We do not accept responsibility for the loss of such information. You should retain details of all important information that you provide on this Website.

You acknowledge that network communications in providing this Website service involve third parties, providers and services beyond our immediate control and that these providers, servers and networks are subject to risks inherent to the Internet.

  1. Grant of license

Images and other materials used by Schools & Agents throughout this Website are either Our property or used under permission by Us. The use of any images or materials from the general sections, that is the non-Agents' Area, of the Website is not permitted.

Authorised users of the Agents' Area are granted a non-exclusive Licence to use information and resources in the form of Specified documents, those being images, logos and other audio/visual resources (collectively referred to as 'Marketing Support Materials') contained within the Agents' Area of the Website for the purposes of marketing and promotion of Schools & Agents' member schools.

Marketing Support Materials downloaded from this Agents' Area or any other part of Schools & Agents' associated Websites may not be used in any way outside of or other than the marketing of Schools & Agents' member schools, their services and locations. The modification or manipulation of all such materials is expressly prohibited. Marketing Support Materials on Schools & Agents's Websites may not be used in any way to create a misrepresentation of Schools & Agents' member schools, its services, locations or personnel.

This non-exclusive Licence to use Specified materials on this Website does not confer any Intellectual Property rights or any other rights over any materials on this Agents' Area Website or any Websites directly associated with Schools & Agents.

Your Licence to use materials, as set out above, terminates on the termination of your agency's account, or the termination of this Usage Agreement. You must cease to use any downloaded Marketing Support Materials or other materials. These must be removed from your systems, devices and storage.

Schools & Agents reserves the right to suspend, terminate or revoke this Licence at any time and for any reason.

  1. Third party links

This Website and associated Websites may provide links to other services, products or providers solely for the convenience of Website Users. Schools & Agents accepts no responsibility for the content, products, services or any other elements included on websites that are not maintained by us.

Schools & Agents does not endorse, support or promote any other website other than those expressly associated with the Company. The inclusion of links to other websites does not imply that we have reviewed such sites in detail, or that we approve or endorse these websites or content. Accessing of third party websites linked from this Website is done at your own risk.

  1. Liability

The use of this Agents' Area is undertaken solely under your own initiative and with your compliance regarding any applicable laws in your jurisdiction.

The information contained in this Website is subject to change without notice. Schools & Agents undertakes no commitment to update the information contained on this Website and makes no representations with regard to the accuracy or completeness of the information.

You may not use this Website and Agents' Area to conduct any illegal business or activity. You agree to indemnify Schools & Agents against all claims, damages, liabilities or losses arising from your use of this Website.

This Agreement with its associated Terms and Conditions will be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Malta. This does not prevent Schools & Agents from pursuing a claim for breach of contract, copyright, intellectual property infringement or otherwise in respect of this Agreement in any other jurisdiction.

We reserve the right to introduce a charge for this service in the future. A new agreement will then be introduced. If you decide to cancel your account at that time, no fees will be charged.

Your school information might be used by School & Agents for marketing purposes.

  1. Cancellations

Cancellation of your account can be done at any given time. If you want to cancel your account you have to contact us and we will do so within 5 working days.

Cancellation carries no extra charges.

Upon cancellation you are expected to settle any outstanding balance on your account.

12 Disclaimer

Schools & Agents does not guarantee any specific amount of students or agent partnerships. The job of Schools & Agents is to help your company promote itself online via the services explained on the website.

  1. Changes to Terms & Conditions - Privacy Policy

Company may update this Privacy Policy in the future. This Agreement can change at any time and you agree to review the agreement here from time to time to keep updated with any changes.

  1. Contact

If you have questions about this Terms & Conditions - Privacy Policy, please contact us at: Email: [email protected] or [email protected].

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