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FELTOM Malta Workshop 2020

Published on Monday, September 23, 2019

FELTOM Malta Workshop 2020

In today's article we are going to turn the spotlight on the 2020 FELTOM Malta Workshop, which is going to be held from the 20th to the 24th April 2020.

FELTOM has an upcoming workshop in 2020. What distinguishes this event from other industry workshops? 

FELTOM has been organising FELTOM ELT Workshops for a number of years where the main focus has always been Malta and the local ELT Market .

Our event is unique as it gives agents the opportunity to experience Malta first-hand and to meet with Maltese ELT Schools in their own environment. Agents also partake in a variety of tours, excursions and school visits which showcase the beauty of the Maltese islands and the expertise of our ELT Industry.

Who attends the FELTOM workshop?

The ELT FELTOM Workshop is the perfect platform for ELT Industry professionals to meet and discuss what the Maltese market has to offer.  40 agents from around the world are invited to attend the workshop, such as local EU countries like Russia, Italy, Germany and France, as well as more long-haul destinations, for example Brazil, China, South Korea, Japan, just to name a few.

25 schools participate from both FELTOM member schools and non-associated schools. Other participants include all the sponsors that support our federation and local authority bodies. We also give the opportunity for exhibitors to attend and showcase their products and network with the agents, schools and other sponsors. This is the ideal place to reach out to the ELT Industry in Malta.

What would you say to agents who send students to Malta, but have never attended the FELTOM workshop?

The Maltese Islands are enchanting and what they have to offer, may not be portrayed clearly if one only reads about them in a book. By inviting the agents to Malta, they will experience our warm Mediterranean climate, feast their eyes on our crystal-clear blue seas, immerse themselves in our steep history and enjoy a safe and enviable way of life. We truly believe the agents must experience Malta first-hand to appreciate the islands to the full and in return be able to promote it to their students.

Upon arrival in Malta, the agents will enjoy various sightseeing tours around Malta and Gozo. This will give each agent the opportunity to see the island from a personal perspective, which will be held in good stead when marketing the islands and the Maltese ELT industry to future clients.

Apart from the meetings with schools, what else can agents expect during the FELTOM workshop?

As previously mentioned, we have a lot of attendees to the FELTOM ELT Workshop, agents will also get the chance to meet with the representatives from The ELT Council (ELTC). The ELTC falls under the umbrella of the Ministry for Education and Employment in Malta where their main duties include licensing of ELT Schools, issuing of teacher permits and regulating academic and non-academic aspects of a student’s stay to mention but a few.

Agents will also have the opportunity to meet with representatives from the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) . The MTA’s holds a diverse role as the tourism industry's regulator and marketing arm for the Ministry of Tourism and Malta. MTA supports the private sector (tour operators and agents) by providing advertising material and general assistance to ensure that the tourism sector continues to grow in strength and quality. 

The VISA Unit will also be in attendance allowing agents the opportunity to discuss any visa requirements that their target market may need in order to study in Malta.

In addition to this, a number of sponsors and exhibitors from within the ELT industry including exam regulators, higher education schools, student insurance agencies, transport companies, technological and online services and international magazine editors amongst others  will be present and happy to discuss their clients’ needs.   

Do agents have the chance to visit FELTOM member schools during the workshop? How does this work?

Not only will agents get an opportunity to have one to one meetings with representatives from the various member schools but, they will also have the unique opportunity to attend on-site visits at 50% of the schools attending the FELTOM ELT Workshop.

All participating schools are split into four different groups with approximately 5-6 schools in each group. During the application process, agents give their choice of which schools they would like to visit, in order of preference. Upon arrival, they are assigned their two different groups during the registration process. We always try to accommodate an agent’s first two preferences, whilst creating an equal number in each group.

Each group has a varied mix of schools from different categories and which are based in different localities. Each agent will then have a 30-minute visit at each of the schools in his/her group. This is a great opportunity to not only see the locality in which the school is based, but also to receive a tour of the individual schools and their facilities.

What are the dates of the next FELTOM workshop and how can agents book for it?

We are pleased to announce that the next ELT FELTOM Workshop will take place between the 20th – 24th April 2020.  Any agents who wish to apply to join the workshop may do so by clicking on the link here and the deadline for the submission of the form is 03rd January 2020.



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