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New IALC school: Learn English at Mount Maunganui Language Centre in New Zealand

Published on Tuesday, October 15, 2019

New IALC School in New Zealand

IALC would like to give a warm welcome to their newly accredited school Mount Maunganui Language Centre. Established in 1990, Mount Maunganui Language Centre is a multi-award-winning family run school. Located in a part of Tauranga City, students learning English are able to pursue and excel at their academic goals while living in the relaxed beach resort of Mount Maunganui, voted to have the best beach in New Zealand!

"We are excited to have Mount Maunganui Language Centre join IALC in time for our IALC 2020 Auckland Workshop, 26-29 March, as they are located just a 25 minute plane ride away so they will be able to showcase their school to agents after the workshop!", IALC said.

Here is an interview that IALC did with Geoff Butler, owner of Mount Maunganui Language Centre:

Q. What does it mean to you to join IALC?

Joining IALC means we can quantify what it means to be a quality institution.  This differentiation is important to help us stand out to potential agents and students. Being accepted as a member gives us validation that we are doing things right. 

Q. What are your main aims for the year to come?

We are always looking to diversify our student nationality mix, and broadening our agent network via IALC is the best way to do this.  We are looking forward to making new connections at the 2020 conference. 

Q. Where do the majority of your students come from?
Our top 5 countries are Switzerland, Brazil, Japan, Korea and Germany. Then we have students also coming from Chile, Tahiti, New Caledonia, and recently we’ve seen an increase in Spanish and Russian students thanks to the efforts of two excellent agents in each of those countries.  We highly value the part that agents play in the success of our school. 

Q. 3 things that make your school special for your students?
Firstly the location.  We’re part of a fast-growing city, but the geographical layout means our area retains a small beach town vibe within that city.  As a small/medium size school we also get very good feedback from students about our quality of care and level of service.  Lastly I have to mention that our beach was just voted the best in New Zealand for the 6th year running. 

Q. Are you looking forward to the IALC Auckland workshop?
Very much.  March is such a great time to be in New Zealand, it’s arguably the best part of summer, and I hope attending schools and agents get to experience everything New Zealand has to offer.

Find out more about learning English at Mount Maunganui Language Centre here.

If you would like to meet with Mount Maunganui Language Centre and up to 160 IALC accredited schools from 21 countries at our IALC Auckland Workshop 26-29 March 2020, register here! 

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