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New Horizons Australia: How to Professionally Network as an International Student

Published EDU-WorldWide on Thursday, September 26, 2019

NH Australia Networking

Networking is an essential part in building your future career. Even more so when you’re studying abroad. Connecting with people in a professional way is not easy but can be incredibly rewarding. New Horizons Australia encourages International Students to step out of their comfort zone and dedicate time to this activity.  

So, what do we mean by networking?  

Just like digital social networks, networking in person focuses on building relationships that can eventually get you on the career path you want. And the sooner you start, the better. Here are some suggestions that we think can get you started: 

Get to know the people in your classes 

Starting from the classroom, anyone inside it can be a potential contact. Get to know your classmates and speak to your teachers about your ambitions and the possibility to grow professionally. Seek advice on where people look for jobs, recruiters and the type of experience you can get during your study abroad experience. By doing this, you will not only be preparing for your exams and tests, but you will also be paving your way for more opportunities in the future.  

At New Horizons, International Students study alongside Australian Business Professionals, this gives students the unique opportunity to connect with people who already have professional experience. When you’re on campus, take the time to introduce yourself to other students at the school. Ask them what classes they’re taking and how that fits into their role for example. 

Attend Events 

Join the events that interest you. Apart from meeting new people, you will also be beefing up your future resume. Ask school staff, tutors or classmates as to whether they know of any events that will be going on during your study period. Another key resource is to search or These can be a great ways to see what is going on in your field of interest, to learn about job opportunities, and gain skills on how to best prepare yourself. One of our International students, Suruchi Pandey, agrees "After arriving in Australia around 8 months ago, my experience is that, it’s helpful to attend various seminars, workplace-training events, networking events that relate to your field, in which wish to pursue your career in. Since, I am doing a 'Diploma in IT' from New Horizons Australia, it was quite helpful for me to attend the IT networking events to professionally build my network in Australia." 

Do an Internship 

Speaking of experience, a great way to achieve this during your studies is to do an internship. This will introduce you to new people, while at the same time allowing a sneak peak in the industry that you wish to work in. Internships can help enhance your skills and understand what is required to successfully perform a certain role. Education providers like New Horizons Australia really understand the importance of this, they have partnerships in place (ReadyGrad is one example) to help their students find the right internship to improve their skills and put into practice what they’ve learnt. Ritik Poudel mentioned: "Doing an internship at an IT company during my term break was helpful to extend my professional network in Australia, as it provided me a valuable experience in IT, as well as an opportunity to connect with other colleagues through that IT company” 

Use LinkedIn 

If you tend to get sweaty palms at the thought of approaching a new person, LinkedIn is your go-to channel. This social network brings together professionals from all industries. It may also get you connected with classmates, or people who graduated before you, in the same subjects. You can connect with them, see what they studied, where they’re working and maybe ask some questions, if needed. Presenting yourself professionally on LinkedIn is highly important. New Horizons regularly organises workshops where industry partners talk to students about best practice and to help them professionally use LinkedIn. Follow New Horizons on social media to see what’s coming up. 

Speak to People  

Finally, whether you plan on working abroad or back in your country after graduating, speaking to locals can always give you insightful information on what the norms are, which institutions to contact for information and who knows, they may also have news on companies who are looking to recruit.  

To sum it all up, networking is that extra step a student should be taking to really be a step ahead in the future job market. Although it may sound overwhelming to do this at first, the idea is simple...anyone around you could be a source of information or a potential connection. Start by speaking to someone in your class, then move on to someone with more experience...and maybe in the meantime, you can also get your LinkedIn profile set up. For help on this, feel free to contact us on

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