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IALC agencies and schools raise over €2000 for sponsored charity Asociación Museke in Rwanda

Published on Wednesday, July 24, 2019

IALC Charity Donation

IALC is delighted to announce that agencies and schools that participated in this year’s IALC Seville Workshop raised a grand total of €2200 in honour of sponsored charity Asociación Museke in Rwanda.

Asociación Museke was founded in 2010 and raises funds to provide food and clothing to underprivileged children from Rwanda, either orphaned or living in extreme poverty.

President and Founder of Asociación Museke, Carmen Gil de la Haza said:

“Thanks to your kindness and support, together we raised a total of € 2200. This gift means real change. It will be used to pay grants for 10 students to undertake professional development training during the next academic year. Additionally it will pay the entire fees, housing and food for one student for their entire academic year at University. So, thank you once again. Without you it would have been impossible.”

Host of the IALC Seville Workshop, CLIC Seville works actively with Museke and the IALC-accredited language schools CLIC Cadiz, Seville and Malaga all donate a percentage of their student tuition fees to the association’s social projects throughout the year.

Director of CLIC, Bernhard Roters said: “I do not only want to thank you for your support, I would even like to encourage you to actively participate in this ever such rewarding project. Make a donation or even better join us and work with us in situ or send one of your English or Spanish teachers for at least two weeks to Rwanda to teach the children or train the teachers. Please, contact me for more details.”

IALC would like to thank all of the collaborators who generously donated to our sponsored charity Asociación Museke in Seville and you can learn more about Museke here:

Make a donation: La Caixa (CaixaBank): ES04 2100/8693/15/2200121767

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