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Meet the FELTOM Crew: Rebecca Bonnici, Chairperson

Published Bernice on Friday, January 17, 2020

Meet the FELTOM Crew: Rebecca Bonnici, Chairperson

In today's FELTOM article we are going to speak to Rebecca Bonnici, FELTOM Chairperson, and during this Q&A we will be taking a look at the past year as well as her role as Chair of this organisation. Here's the interview with Rebecca Bonnici.

How has 2019 been for FELTOM?

2019 has been an interesting year for FELTOM; one in which we have seen diverse projects come to fruition – both locally and internationally; whether related to the marketing of our schools (apart from our annual agent workshop where we welcomed over 30 international agents, we also welcomed 2 groups of agents – one from Spain and another from Brazil – each with about 15 participants) or whether related to lobbying for changes to laws and policy that effect our schools’ operations. From an accreditation point of view we have also seen our member schools grow and refine their offerings, without any major issues – in a year that has been wrought with school closures, mergers and acquisitions, both locally and overseas. Finally together with our proud sponsors Deloitte & the Malta Tourism Association we have worked on an international market study of ELT, one that will serve as a tool for all decision makers, when plotting the industry’s future direction.

We have often spoken about FELTOM as an organisation in these interviews, but can you also tell us about the FELTOM board. Who is it made up of and what is its role?

I am proud to say that our board is made up of representatives from FELTOM member organization of all sizes (small, medium & large) and types (independents & chains). In this way, when we discuss matters we bring a multitude of experiences and viewpoints to the table. Ones that are then absorbed by our CEO and used to develop and steer our Federation into the next decade.

What about your role as FELTOM Chairperson?

My role is that of acting as the bridge between the board and the Executive Office. A role that I bear with great respect to my predecessors and with the objective of listening to our members wants and needs and ensuring that each is seen to – in order to ensure the sustainability and future of FELTOM. All the heavy lifting is done by our dedicated & professional CEO.

You have been part of FELTOM, both as a school but also as a Board Member, for a number of years. How has the organisation evolved over time?

Well, this year FELTOM is celebrating its 30th Anniversary and I think it is clear for all to see that through evenly-paced and well thought-out endeavors, it has not only retained its place in the local and international scene as THE grouping for quality, accredited language schools in Malta but also grown its reach and relevance. As a group of schools we are PROUD members, bearing the quality mark as a USP – one that is held in very high regard by both clients, service providers and policy makers, not just in Malta but also in the international education field.

What does FELTOM have in store for the international education industry for 2020?

From a marketing perspective 2020 will see FELTOM schools travelling to China on a mission to introduce our schools to this ever-growing and possibly highly lucrative market. We will also have 2 more agent fam trips; one from Japan and another from Spain. Thus giving our member schools more and more exposure and shining a light on their facilities and the quality they offer to clients. Together with policy makers in Malta we hope to also see the work & study visa amended to allow TCN’s to work immediately upon arrival in Malta – in order to better sustain themselves and in turn spend more time in our schools. We also have some other initiatives up our sleeve, however I will let our CEO share more in a future interview.

If you would like any information about FELTOM, the organisation's events as well as its accreditation system, you are kindly requested to contact the oranisation on


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