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Intrinsiq Testimonial from Bright World Guardianships, UK

Published Bernice on Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Intrinsiq Testimonial from Bright World Guardianships, UK

This week we are pleased to share with you what Bright World Guardianships have to say about us and the experience they’ve had with Intrinsiq over the past years. By means of introduction, Bright World is a Boarding and Guardianships Education Provider that is based in the UK. Their relationship with Intrinsiq started over a decade ago!

Speaking about this, Lana Foster who is the Managing Director at Bright World, recalled, “I met Intrinsiq, at the ARELS Conference (now called StudyWorld) and it must have been way back to around 2009/10. I realised that I needed a system to manage the growth in student numbers and to help me organise the guardianship and placement programmes. We started off with a system operated on an Access system. Intrinsiq transferred to the web and we made the leap to transfer online back in November 2013 - the date 22nd sticks in my mind very clearly.”

Time flies

Speaking about her experience, Lana continued to tell us that, “7 years on, we now have a fantastic bespoke web based system that basically runs the company. It stores all our student, host family, school and agent data and also helps us to operate our programmes by using a lot of automated emails and status changes.”

“We couldn’t manage without it.”

“The Intrinsiq system also runs Blink, which is our external portal for agents, host families, drivers and soon to be schools - this is an amazing extension of the system that makes running the business possible. It manages our safeguarding and screening, agent relationships, sales, operations , school placements, literally everything - it is an awesome thing.” 

Intrinsiq always solve our issues really quickly and efficiently

Lana continued, “It is a bit of a shame really as I only seem to contact Intrinsiq when there is a problem with the system (it happens rarely but occasionally we do find a blip). I should really contact Mark every day to thank him for all the amazing things the system does for us.” 


“Managing change during Covid-19 has been made possible with our system that we call IBOS. We couldn’t have done it without the system enabling us to filter on countries, add statuses quickly and efficiently. The reason it is so helpful is because we can create our own reports really quickly enabling us to sort and filter data immediately and organise things so quickly.”

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