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Don’t Panic...Use this time and turn it into an opportunity!

Published Bernice on Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Intrinsiq integration with Zoom for Distance Learning

Over the past weeks we have been speaking to a lot of schools and we have also seen a lot of schools transition from face-to-face to online teaching. In the majority of cases, distance learning was something that the school had probably been considering for quite a while, but never got round to actually doing it. And then BOOM! Covid-19 happened, and they had no other choice. It is for this reason that we are telling you to not make this a means to an end, but rather do it the right way so that once this is all over, and we’re sure it will be, you will be able to continue offering distance learning as part of your academic package. So here’s what we are suggesting…

Integrate with Zoom

Out of all the video conferencing apps on the market we really think that Zoom is one of the best options around...and the good news is that is can be integrated with Intrinsiq so that your teachers or academic managers can send out class invitations to your students a few minutes before the class is scheduled to start and all they need to do is click on the link provided.

Keeping track of student attendance

Once again, Intrinsiq should provide a classroom attendance feature which is controlled by the teacher. That way you will be able to keep track of who showed up for the lesson and who didn’t.

Making sure classes do take place

One of the main concerns of Academic Managers who do not have a lot of experience with online and distance learning is that, unlike face-to-face teaching, they cannot be in the premises and cannot, therefore, be sure that lessons are indeed taking place. First of all, we start by the notion that if something like that had to happen, you can rest assured that your students will be the first to report it :) However, even before getting to that stage, you can make sure, through Intrinsiq, that lessons are indeed taking place within the scheduled period that the class has been planned for.

What if the school does not use Intrinsiq? Will they also be able to have this feature?

When I asked this question to Mark Milford, CEO of Intrinsiq, I was not at all surprised by his answer - “Yes, Bernice….anything is possible” :) Mark continued to explain that as long as the school’s CRM allows for data to be pulled out of the existing system, it can then be imported into Intrinsiq, hence making the magic happen.

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