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Web Portals made Simple with Intrinsiq

Published Bernice on Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Web portals made simple

“Avoid crowded places.”

“Maintain social distancing.”

“Minimise contact.”

Over the past year, these phrases have become all too familiar...and whether we like it or not, most school receptions tend to be areas where respecting these measures could potentially be an issue due to lack of space or too many people needing the same kind of info at the same time. At Intrinsiq, we have the solution to this...and it comes in the form of web portals.

Student Web Portals

Students congregating at reception are every school owner’s nightmare at the moment. On one hand we want our schools to have as many students as possible, but on the other hand, we want to respect safety measures. So how does one strike a balance? The answer is simple...with Student Web Portals.

The Intrinsiq student portal allows Students to login and view their course information and submit updates. This option also lets a student log in and access their course details timetables and attendance, with as minimal contact as possible. With this option you not only save time as a student's profile is automatically updated once a class is assigned, but you also avoid an onrush of students in the main office asking to see their time table or checking their current attendance rate. Such a tool is especially useful right now due to the global pandemic measures. 

Teacher Web Portals

If students congregate at reception, teachers congregate at the DOS’s office to check on class lists, update the DOS on student level, make changes on a Monday morning or move students up or down a level whenever necessary. This presents another grouping issue...not to mention precious time that can be used more efficiently. Once again, the Intrinsiq Teacher’s Portal presents an ideal solution.

Thanks to the newly-updated system, teachers are also able to access this portal in order to find out about any updates to their classes, student info, levels, nationalities….and all the additional student data that teachers need in order to continue planning effective and efficient lessons. The beauty of this is that they save time, and keep everyone safe, by receiving this info remotely on their phones or laptops without the need to visit the DOS’s Office.

Host Family Web Portals

The Intrinsiq Host family web portals are another time saver. Whereas in the past accommodation officers used to have to spend ages liaising with host families and updating the system in terms of availability, now, thanks to the Intrinsiq system, host families can enter this info themselves. The Intrinsiq Homestay Portal allows Homestays to login and enter their unavailability times and view the bookings you would have given them. This also means that host families can now access student info via the portal without having to come to your office to check on student bookings, or without having to call your accommodation manager all the time to check on updates, flight details and so on. All this info will be readily available on the portal and the host family just has to log in and check the data.

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