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How to Tuesdays: How to Learn from Social Media Insights

Published Bernice on Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Understanding Social Media Insights

Whenever we post online, or we launch a social media marketing campaign through boosting, it is very important to monitor how the campaign is performing, and we get to do that through monitoring social media insights. In today's "How to Tuesdays" post we focus on some of the areas which are extremely important in helping understand how to manage social media campaigns in a better way.

To start off, when looking at insights, you need to focus on how many people your post is targetting and how much engagement there is on it. This will help you identify which posts would perform better when boosted. It is very important to not just post something and boost it straight away. Give it a couple of days, see how it performs, then see if it is worth boosting or not after monitoring the organic reach.

Insights will also show you which are the times at which your audience is online. This would indicate which are the best times to post on your individual channels. It is important to note that different channels might require you to post at different times, mainly because you will be reaching a different type of audience who will be online at a different time.

The type of content that your audience prefers also becomes very clear when monitoring insights. You will see this from the type of engagement and number of reactions and comments to your post. The more reactions your post has, the better, and the more you should consider boosting that particular post.

On top of that it is also important to monitor the performance of your short content - be it stories or even reels. It is also very interesting to observe who sees these posts and check whether you might want to get in touch with these followers to follow up on whether they would like further information about that particular post.

And finally, one of the most important insights you should take into consideration when planning and monitoring social media posts and campaigns, is demographics. Demographics tell us all there is to know about who our audience is on a particular channel, and why is this info valuable? Well, for starters it tells you how you should speak to your audience. For instance, the audience on Instagram and the audience on Facebook are totally different. The trend is that an Instagram audience is younger, and as a result, we as campaign managers should speak to our different audiences in different ways. 

Does this sound like it's all a little bit too much? Drop us a line so that we can help you plan your Social Media campaigns better. This post is brought to us thanks to our partners BaiLogik who are experts in the field of Team Building, HR and Marketing.

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