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“Online booking forms make it easier to recruit students” - Intrinsiq

Published Bernice on Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Online booking forms for education providers

How many of us have tried filling up some kind of online booking form and then stopped half way because it was too complicated or because we were being asked for unnecessary data that we felt was just ‘too much’? That in itself is enough to scare people away. However, it is also important to keep in mind that booking forms are not just there to make bookings. On the contrary, they can be a source of very valuable data, even when a student does not fill up the whole form. We asked our partners, Intrinsiq about this and they came up with 3 very important reasons as to why online booking forms which are integrated efficiently into a CRM are absolutely necessary for schools.

Well-integrated online booking forms help schools track potential students

The system also creates a “provisional interest” record as well as showing data on an online dashboard tracking system. This means that the minute someone completes the booking form, the system registers the name and email address immediately. That way, the school will be able to access the application form that is partially completed, even if the prospective student did not confirm the booking. The system also prompts back-end users to follow up with those who have partially filled up online forms, at specific intervals, hence lifting the weight of “having to remember to follow up” off the admin’s shoulders. Such follow-ups help convert requests into actual sales.

Well-integrated online booking forms show any breakdowns in the booking process

If a potential student stops filling out the booking form at any stage, the system will highlight exactly where the student stopped, hence giving Admin and Marketing teams important info as to why the booking stopped at that particular stage. Being able to follow the customer along his/her booking journey is a very important way of analysing what prompts them to stop or continue. And a well designed form will engage and keep the site visitor from leaving prematurely.

Well-integrated online booking forms give schools valuable reporting on direct bookings

The system is able to generate reports and to collect valuable data at the click of a button, which helps different teams in the office a great deal and helps them save a lot of time on building and preparing Marketing reports.

All this at just the click of a button

All of the above is well and good, but the interesting thing is that schools can have all that at just the click of a button. Intrinsiq can truly help change the customer journey that you offer through your online booking. We always tell students that their experience at our school starts from the moment of booking. With Intrinsiq, it starts even before that!


If you wish to receive further info on how integrated booking forms work, drop Intrinsiq a line on to set up a call.

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