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Londonist Dublin opening

Published Bernice on Monday, May 18, 2020

Student accommodation in Dublin

Sure, you want your students to live somewhere brilliant while studying in Dublin, and we are super proud to announce that Londonist now have The. Perfect. Place. for your students! Check this out!

You want student accommodation close to the action, but quiet enough to get some serious work done? Check! LIV Student Dublin- the new Londonist student residence, in the heart of the city, literally a 15 minute walk from all the action, and 20 minutes on foot from the awesome Trinity College Dublin. There’s so much to do in Dublin it’s hard to know where to start, but the team on site (you couldn’t meet a friendlier bunch!) have all the maps, local knowledge and tips that you could want, and they are always happy to help.

The new Londonist student residence is close to the action, but as one of the residents (Crumpler UK) says it’s “Close to the centre and quiet” and another (Siphiwe Moyo) states it’s a “Quiet environment really suitable for those who are studying”. So, your students would really get the best of both worlds with Londonist’s new LIV Student residence!

Londonist knows that students want a nice room, right?

All of the rooms are ensuite and modern with all mod-cons. Yes, there are plenty of sockets for students to charge their devices in. And, yes, the beds are big enough to starfish in. Yes, there’s plenty of comfy space on the desk for students to create your masterpieces. These rooms are well thought-out, spacious yet cosy for them to create their study home. And the kitchen has a wealth of facilities to keep them fed and watered.  Great fridges, cookers, extra hobs, even a dishwasher to keep pots in tip top condition.

And we’re guessing you want to socialise too?

Without even taking your slippers off you can have a cuppa with your flatmates in the kitchen and living area. Beautiful, funky and comfortably designed, your students can hang out and watch TV (there’s nice big screen in each apartment), play games, cook and have fun. There’s even mood lighting! And not just within the apartment. Students can head on to the most awesome social spaces too – check out the cinema room, the ‘show off your chef skills’ communal kitchen, the games areas and ground floor café.

There is no end to the opportunities within LIV Dublin to make new friends and socialise, it’s built specifically for creating a vibrant student community but also the staff organise events throughout the week for students to join in, so they can meet other students from all over the world without even having to leave the building. As our resident Tania says there’s a “really nice vibe among the students, perfect place to socialise and making new friends”.

Too much socialising means more time working off the calories..?

No problem with that! This isn’t just a student residence. LIV Dublin has a state-of-the-art gym on site. Included. Free. Nothing to pay. So if your students fancy building up a sweat it’s right there for you. Or if they don’t, they won't be spending hundreds of euros on a membership they won't even use. It’s there for them if they want it.

If cycling is their thing, Londonist take care of that too – there’s a secure bike store on site and getting around the city on two wheels is a fantastic idea, in fact students can cycle from one side of the centre to the other in 30 minutes!

Dublin has over 120 miles of cycle routes. Students should really try out the  Docklands where there are hip bars and shops and where you can sit on the River Liffey’s banks and watch the locals race their row boats.

Londonist takes care of the practicalities too.

Londonist knows that your students aren’t over excited about things like laundry and bills, but we have thought it all through, so they don’t have to. First up – all bills are included. No fighting over who used more electricity. Your students don’t even need to think about it.

If they're keen on keeping those new friends close, there is an onsite laundry room, so they don’t need to go far to wash their smalls. Security is an important factor of course, and we have that covered. As resident Lofty Tanuja says “Best for students. Very safe and convenient place”. To keep your students safe and secure, firstly the location is perfect. On top of that, LIV is manned 24 hours per day so there’s always someone there. There is CCTV. And of course, you have a security key fob that’ll give you access to your students access to their own apartment, and to their own room - nobody else can get in. Siphiwe says that “Security is top notch”. One less thing to worry about.


You’re going to want super-fast wifi, right? Check! It’s unlimited, super-fast and included so you don’t need to worry about it. So, your students can stream whatever they like, game away and – um – not panic when that dissertation email needs to be sent off at the last minute.

We have just given you a taste of what our new Dublin student residence can give you and as you can see, we are SUPER proud to be able to offer it to all those that want the best accommodation, location, facilities and team in Dublin.

Londonist is an award winning company and we pride ourselves on giving you the ultimate in student accommodation and service. We offer student accommodation in London and Dublin, if you are looking for your home way from home get in touch with us.

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