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Intrinsiq offers flexible payment schemes to help schools

Published Bernice on Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Flexible payment options

At Intrinsiq we often mention the fact that we really do try our best to listen to our clients and their needs. Over the past months we have spoken to various schools who have expressed a solid interest in us due to  the fact that we are Cloud-based. Some of the most popular services requested have been fully integrated Online Booking Forms, and also efficient Homestay Management and Allocation. Given the challenging times our industry is going through, we have decided to make things easier for our clients and give them the option of more flexible payment terms.

Flexible Payment Terms

In order to make things easier for our clients, we are now offering more flexible payment options. In fact, upon signing a work agreement with us, clients only need to pay a deposit and the rest of the payment can be split over 6 months.

Free Hosting

Over and above the flexible payment terms, we are also offering 9 months free hosting to our clients in order to help cut costs as much as possible.
So if you have been thinking about changing to a more proficient CRM solution for your school, drop us a line on and let’s have a chat. Our aim is to get your school up and running so that when things get back to normal, you’ll be fully prepared for that. We don’t want you worrying about payments. Together we’ll find a solution that works for everybody!

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