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Why is it important for schools to move their CRM to Cloud?

Published Bernice on Monday, December 7, 2020

Why is it important for schools to move their CRM to Cloud?

Transferring data onto the cloud is something that many schools seem to be very interested in doing, and rightly so. There are various reasons for this, including the following:

  1. It allows businesses to act faster
  2. It turns business data into business intel
  3. It helps marketing teams to find emerging trends at the click of a button
  4. It is safe
  5. It ensures that data is not lost
  6. It helps multi-centre businesses operate more smoothly 

Having said that, it doesn’t just stop at making the right decision and choosing to switch to cloud. In today’s article Intrinsiq speaks to us about their experience with schools, education providers and other language institutions who are looking to upgrade, move from a local server setup  to cloud, or add online integrations to other services such as accounts or form processing, and struggle with how to do it.

Many providers offer cloud-based solutions, but what should schools look out for?

There are many providers out there who offer a cloud system or parts of a cloud system. But that alone is not enough.

How is Intrinsiq different?

  1. Intrinsiq has been providing cloud-based systems since 2011.
  2. Intrinsiq uses its own proprietary framework to build and customise client systems. This means that Intrinsiq does not rely on any other providers’ software for their system, we customise everything in-house, making it more secure for the client.
  3. Intrinsiq cloud-based systems are true cloud services. This means that, unlike other providers, Intrinsiq does not have versions that require a remote desktop connection to a system that is hosted remotely.
  4. Intrinsiq built its systems from the ground up. This means that, unlike other providers, Intrinsiq did not merely add cosmetic changes to off-the-shelf server systems. We built it ourselves- from international education for international education, thus providing truly scalable systems.
  5. Intrinsiq can integrate with most other cloud apps such as accounts (Xero, Quickbooks, Quicken, Datev and so forth). We have various clients who have had the need to do this and Intrinsiq has delivered without fail.
  6. And finally, and most importantly, all data is automatically backed up across distributed data centres.

It is specifically for these reasons that you should drop Intrinsiq a line on to discuss your current CRM situation and see how you can finally upgrade to a truly professional service that will provide you with ALL of your day-to-day needs when it comes to running your school.

To top it off, Intrinsiq is offering schools free hosting for 6 months which is worth £2700 GBP. So what are you waiting for? Contact Intrinsiq today to make sure that you and your staff can focus all your resources on what matters the most i.e. giving your students the best learning experience possible! And you can put your mind at rest that everything else is being handled by a team with experience!

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