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When Business Data becomes Business Intel...schools flourish!

Published on Monday, October 7, 2019

When Business Data becomes Business Intel, schools flourish!

It takes years of work and highly experienced marketers, especially in a niche industry such as international education, to learn how to identify market trends and interpret business data. Needless to say, this comes at a high cost and not all schools can afford to spend so much money on marketing strategy. So what if we told you that forecasting, agent trends and numbers and emerging markets, among others, can all be identified at the click of a button thanks to Intrinsiq.

Yes that’s right. At just the click of a button, schools are now able to track agent performance. Most meetings with agents are focused on negotiations on better commission rates, but what if the agent has not performed well enough? Schools can ensure that they reward the right agents appropriately because as the saying goes: the numbers don’t lie.

The same goes for  identifying patterns and trends and powerful reporting. All companies and businesses, and schools are no different, rely heavily on identifying patterns and trends ,that way they can feel more secure when allocating their marketing budget. This also helps schools identify emerging markets, and ones which need more work done in them. 

In short, such a tool helps schools save time, money and resources. Most providers, even thoseoffering off-the-shelf products will have some kind of system embedded in their CRM that might shed some light on one or more of these areas, however, the problem with off-the-shelf products is that they were not built for your school, and as we know, all schools are different and are run differently. That is why Intrinsiq is ideal.

If you are already working with another provider, don’t worry. Intrinsiq has a lot of experience with smooth transitions from third party systems to their cloud. You and your staff will have the chance to learn how to work effectively with Intrinsiq before you switch over to it. Intrinsiq will also create a migration plan to ensure no data or bookings are lost during transition.

To top it off, Intrinsiq is offering schools free hosting for 6 months which is worth £2700 GBP.

So what are you waiting for? Take this opportunity to switch to an efficient, solid cloud-based system today! Contact Intrinsiq on to find out more about how you can benefit from this exciting offer, and start running your school more efficiently. That way, you and your staff can focus all your resources on what matters the most i.e. giving your students the best learning experience possible!

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