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Home Language International: 3 safe ways to learn a language!

Published Lynne on Wednesday, September 9, 2020

HLI Safe Ways to Learn

30 countries & 20 languages: All ages & All levels. Home Language International propose the following ways to learn languages safely:

1) Live and Learn a language in your private teacher's home abroad

Unlike in a school where students are mixed with other students, at HLI there is only one student. They live in their own private teacher's home and do not interact with anybody else other than their host family.
 Some of our teachers are also happy to host during a quarantine, this does not mean they will be locked indoors as many countries allow outings for shopping or exercise. They will be able to enjoy indoor activities such as cooking or board games which are a safe and efficient way to put in practice what they have learned during their lessons.

2) Live and Learn English in your teacher's home in your own country

We can offer learning English in France, Spain and Italy but also other countries on request.
 No need to travel if they prefer not to, they can experience full immersion with a native English family in their own country.

3) Learn a language online with one to one lessons from home 

Online one-to-one language lessons on our interactive Live Class Platform with a native language teacher. Learning from a distance made possible in a virtual classroom as if the teacher was with the student. Documents can be shared, exercises corrected on a whiteboard and information exchanged live. Whether they are learning a language for their profession, for business, for their studies or for pleasure, this course is customised to their individual needs. 
They can Learn from the comfort of their home or workplace on the days, times, and over the period that suits them.

For more information please feel free to contact us on or call on+377 97 70 74 72

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