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The guard.meCARES Campus Ambassadors Program

Published Bernice on Thursday, September 17, 2020

The guard.meCARES Campus Ambassadors Program

In our most recent interview with Jesse Poulin from guard.meCARES we spoke about the company’s dynamic Campus Ambassadors Program which brings together campuses across Canada and students from across the globe. 

Who are the Campus Ambassadors?

Anyone attending a higher education institution in Canada can be one, and the role of Campus Ambassadors is to actively promote the International Insurance services and initiatives at partner institutions. The Campus Ambassadors Program ensures international students are well-informed and have access to their available resources.

What are the benefits of becoming a Campus Ambassador?

It is highly beneficial for students to become Campus ambassadors because this will ensure that they will truly make the most of their stay on campus. Some of the benefits of becoming a campus ambassador include ongoing training in the field of leadership and management with special focus on conflict resolution, team building and creative skills. 

These are all very necessary skills that are not necessarily taught in a classroom, nevertheless, this program offers the dynamics for such skills to be acquired way before entering the world of work, hence preparing students in a more wholesome manner by giving them a more holistic campus experience.

Campus ambassadors also gain invaluable experience in graphic design, sales, marketing, and customer service by volunteering in the International Education Industry.

Some of the program’s learning outcomes include Leadership, collaboration, and creative skills, Team and time management as well as Budget control and event management.

Participants are also encouraged to take part in Mental Health seminars and also effective communication skills workshops.

What happens once the program is finished?

All campus ambassadors receive a reference letter, a certificate and are also invited to attend the annual Leadership retreat….which is indeed a lot of fun as you can see in this video clip below.

Interested in becoming a Campus Ambassador?

All those students who are interested in becoming campus ambassadors for may apply here.

Apart from being the number one insurance provider in the international education industry, and mainly the guard.meCARES branch of the company through their keep.meSAFE program, does a lot of work within the field of Mental Health Awareness and Student Mental Wellbeing.

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