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ESL Explorer is claimed to revolutionize the ESL industrySaturday, June 30, 2012
The ESL market worldwide deals with the staggering figures of over 1.5 million students and is, therefore, worth over $4 billion annually, These figures are constantly on the increase as time passes. It is important to not forget to mention the fact that around $1 million per annum are currently being spent on language travel agencies whose main job is to place students in the right schools.





The ESL explorer has recently become known to the public, and despite only being around for a very short period of time it is already causing major stirs (in a good way, of course) in the ESL field. Basically, its aim is to include the use of the Internet into the action of researching and eventually booking a language course anywhere in the world. The way things are at the moment (or the way things have been up until the ESL explorer came along) is very similar to the way the travel-agency industry used to operate a good 15 years ago. This was all brought about because of the need of ESL schools to find a better way to communicate with their clients, and in turn students would  able to do their research more efficiently and eventually make the best choices possible for them.

"The business is simple," says Nick Miller, founder and CEO. "Just like TripAdvisor helps you plan your perfect vacation, we help ESL students find their perfect school." In short, the way this feature is operated is very similar to a combination of a social networking site, ratings and reviews, as well as recommendations and e-commerce. So practically students will not only be in a position to research, but also to plan out and completely purchase anything that is related to their studying vacation before it even starts!

Author: Bernice Farrugia


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