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BEET Language Centre and ITTC at the Learning EdgeMonday, January 01, 2007
A south coast language centre is pushing the boundaries in interactive learning technology putting its students and trainee teachers ahead in the TEFL industry.
Students and trainee teachers at a south coast language school are experiencing the leading edge of education technology. BEET Language Centre and ITTC in Bournemouth is one of only two private schools in the UK to be fully equipped with the very latest in interactive learning technology. More than £50,000 has been spent upgrading the Nortoft Road site, with every classroom in the main building now boasting whiteboards, integrated projectors and the latest Promethean software. ''It gives our students and trainee teachers the edge in their learning,'' said Clive Barrow, managing director at BEET. ''It makes lessons more dynamic and exciting, and brings the real world into the classroom. ''Our staff - even the techno phobic ones - are excited by the almost limitless range of resources now at their disposal.'' Teachers can plan their lessons and materials from home, show things faster in class, and save whole sessions for future use. The school is also in the process of upgrading its internet speed to 100Mbps, as part of the borough-wide Fibrecity initiative. ''BEET and ITTC this year will have an internet connection faster even than Japan's.'' said Mr Barrow. ''The new fibre network will mean our students can access educational sites over 10 times faster than at present.'' The only other private school in the UK fully-equipped with whiteboards is International House in London. ITTC is a teacher training college and is a division of BEET. BEET has on average 160 students during winter months, but this number swells to 400 during the summer season. Bournemouth has the highest ratio of language schools anywhere in the country, including London. Image © Rangpl |
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