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How to Tuesday: How to Cultivate an Authentic Brand Voice in International Education Marketing

  Publisher : Stephanie Clark   05 March 2024 09:00

Authenticity is one of the most important traits in ensuring your international education business resonates with students worldwide. Beyond persuasive messaging, this means building a genuine brand identity that aligns with your audience’s own values. But how should you go about it? Here are three things you need to do.

1. Showcase your core values

Highlight the core principles that students and staff live by daily and include this across all your marketing content. But don’t simply state these values – demonstrate them through storytelling. For example, if diversity is central to your institution, let diverse student voices share why they feel at home there and showcase specific efforts made to promote inclusion. This tangibly conveys authenticity, making potential students feel more connected and trusting of your establishment. 

2. Be consistent in your messaging 

While brand storytelling should feel organic, it’s important that your messaging remains consistent. Determine 2-3 core brand values – be it academic excellence, diversity, or social impact – and highlight those narratives across your marketing efforts. By being consistent in expressing these messages, prospective clients will begin to recognise your unique brand voice.

3. Spotlight authentic student advocates

Nothing conveys authenticity more than testimonials. Encourage current students to share videos and images showcasing what student life looks like at your institution. And to reach an even wider audience, partner with social media influencers to showcase their study experiences with their loyal followers. These kinds of personal stories will build an authentic brand voice that no corporate content can truly replicate.

By sharing your institution’s core principles through storytelling, consistent messaging, and collaborations with influencers, your authentic brand voice will be sure to follow. And if you need support in boosting your international education marketing strategy, check out Schools & Agents’ comprehensive membership packages. Featuring content writing, social media management, and our brand-new influencer marketing services, we can help inspire even more trust in your brand. Get in touch for more information today!

Written by Stephanie Clark

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