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Intrinsiq: The software solution for Guardianship Programs

Published Bernice on Thursday, April 1, 2021

The software solution for Guardianship Programs

The majority of the articles that we publish about Intrinsiq and what we do, are focused on how we can help education providers within the field of international education. The main reason being that Intrinsiq was specifically developed with the field of international education in mind. However, that does not preclude other programs which have evolved to use our system too. 

Why does Intrinsiq work in the case of Guardianships too?

In fact, since Intrinsiq is a custom made school management system, it can be adjusted to serve the purpose of most international education related companies. Guardianship Program Providers are no exception.

So how can Intrinsiq help Guardianships?

In the case of Guardianship providers, the system houses the different schools, students (and parents), agents and families that the provider works with. On top of that, Intrinsiq can also do invoicing, as well as track what commission is owed and to who. 

Have parents been factored into the equation too?

Indeed they have. In fact, parents of underage students can access the portal themselves in order to keep track of their child's academic results throughout the year. Parents also get to see their children’s school reports, photos etc., via a portal. They will also have the access to update their child’s travel arrangements if needs be.

What kind of access would the guardians themselves have?

A particular guardian could access the system through portals to update the profile of his or her charges. The concept is very simple - to have all the data and correspondence pertaining to one particular student stored and saved in one place. That way, you would be able to track a student's timeline using just one software, rather than having to check in various places to put the pieces of the puzzle together when the need arises.

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