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How has been supporting staff, students and friends throughout the pandemic?

Published Bernice on Wednesday, August 5, 2020 Pandemic Video interview is known in the international education industry for being the organisation that always cares about the wellbeing of its partners, and the Covid19 situation has been a real test for us all in this industry. And as always, was there to support everyone - from members of staff, to students, to partners - thanks to a series of mental wellness webinars. During the live broadcast that Cristina Furtado and Clark Horsting had on the Schools & Agents social media channels on the 22nd May 2020, this was the main topic of discussion, as you can see below:

What are the wellness webinars? has come up with a series of webinars to help the general public, students, parents as well as school members of staff to cope with the struggles that the Coronavirus brought along with it. As discussed with Cristina Furtado during the live discussion, the pandemic has been challenging for everyone in many different ways, and ensuring that people have a support system to help them through loneliness and anxiety (which are some of the most common hardships) has proved to be very helpful.

Where can one access the wellness webinars?

All past webinars can be accessed on a computer, tablet or smartphone here. Once you click on the link you will see that these webinars are organised in terms of the target audience.

How can one sign up for an upcoming webinar?

Those who are interested can sign up for an upcoming webinar here.

For more information about, the organisation’s programmes and all the support features that offers and is offering in these challenging times, please visit their website on

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