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How to Tuesdays: How to grow your YouTube channel

Published Bernice on Tuesday, February 2, 2021

How to grow your YouTube Channel

Social Media has been a key element in digital marketing, whatever the area of business is, for quite a while now. A trend that marketers around the world are observing is that users are moving closer towards the idea of video content. As far as video content goes, the most relevant search engine around the world is (still) YouTube. In today's "How to Tuesdays" post, which is brought to us by BaiLogik, we are going to focus on how schools, agents and industry service providers can maximise on their use of YouTube in order to grow their channel and make it more interesting to their followers.

  1. Make sure that the account you create is a business not a personal account - If you create a personal account you can still upload content, however, only YOU will be able to access it and that might make it more challenging for you to be consistent in uploading material to your channel. If more people can use it, more content can be uploaded....and that is a good thing!
  2. Know what to post - Knowing your key market segment is always advisable. An important tip to keep in mind is that a younger audience is more interested in shorter video content than an older audience.  
  3. Follow other channels to discover new trends- there is nothing more dangerous than someone who thinks he/she knows it all. It is always good to check out what your competitors are doing and to check out what your key market segment is following. That way you can rest assured that you are creating relevant content.
  4. Optimise your videos and your channel itself- that way you ensure that they show up in people's searches. Remember that YouTube is a search engine. We would like to invite you to check out these 3 interesting articles that we had posted in collaboration with KAIE Marketing, which specifically tackle the issue of SEO for YouTube
  5. Make sure your video stands out - normally this requires a good thumbnail and a catchy title!

These are a few tips on how you can start getting your social media channel to stand out in order to attract more people to it, and consequently to your brand, through YouTube.

For any further tips on how you can improve your social media strategy do not hesitate to contact the BaiLogik Team here.


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