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TFI préparation courses at ALC-comInternational

Published Bernice on Friday, July 23, 2021 12:00 AM

TFI préparation courses at ALC-comInternational

The TFI preparation courses are ideal for those students who are seeking entry into a French-speaking university, especially if they would like to study at the University of Montreal in Canada (UdeM) or any of its affiliate universities and colleges within its network. With the ALC-cominternational strategic preparation course, you will master the skills needed that will help you boost your score.

What does the TFI preparation course consist of?

This TFI preparation course is a perfect mix of a complete linguistic program that is taught by experts in the field of French language, in-depth educational tools, as well as a fun and interactive platform to help you measure and monitor your improvement.

Classes are taught by specialist teachers from ALC-cominternational who will teach you how to master the knowledge required for the exam and  approach your exam strategically while managing your stress.

How is the TFI preparation course structured?

The TFI preparation course is made up of a total of 9 hours of learning per week, which are structured in the following manner: 

  • 3 compulsory hours of face-to-face learning per day for 3 days per week: Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday from 3:00 pm to 5:50 pm
  • 3 compulsory hours of consolidation of knowledge with a teacher on the ALC platform per week. These 3 hours are over and above the lessons mentioned above.
  • Simulation tests: 2 mock tests allowing you to judge your progress yourself
  • Preparation of the 4 skills required for the TEF
  • Personalized follow-up of lecturers allowing you to improve your skills regularly

Why should students choose the TFI preparation course at ALC comInternational?

At AlC-cominternational, we know this exam inside out, and that's why we guarantee success. At ALC-comintenational, we are so confident in our teaching methods that we are able to offer you this guarantee! 

What happens if students fail to pass the TFI preparation exam?

We are so confident that this will not happen that at AlC-cominternational we will add supervised training exercises at no additional cost in case of failure to achieve the expected scores in the exam. We will only charge for the re-take of the exam itself, not for the additional supervision and training. In summary, if you fail, we train you again for FREE to take the exam.

Where can one find more information about these courses?


More info about all the courses offered at alc-comInternational can be found here. For further information we suggest you get in touch with our team on [email protected] 

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