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SEO Training with Korinne Algie International Education Marketing

Published Lynne on Thursday, February 11, 2021

SEO Training KAIE

By now, I'm sure you're all familiar with Korinne Algie International Education (KAIE) Marketing thanks to the SEO Friday posts that we share with you every week. These posts have been very useful for us too, and they increased our interest in SEO for the International Education Industry. We firmly believe that it can make a significant difference in one's Marketing Strategy. Such conviction comes from having experienced a difference in our results since we asked Korinne to work on the SEO for Schools & Agents.

Working with her on this part of our marketing strategy was extremely smooth as she provided us with all the important aspects that we needed to focus on, and we left the rest in her hands. Being a person who loves analysing data, she also always kept us in the loop and explained the numbers in a way that made sense to us

Because of this, we have asked Korinne to give us some further training to expand this SEO knowledge. So, last Wednesday we logged on to Skype, and as expected Korinne came ready, full of practical examples and tailor-made information, specific to our company. It was extremely helpful to be able to ask specific questions because we felt that having the general knowledge was great but having exact examples of what we can do better...well, what more can you ask for?

Our advice to you is to get in touch with Korinne, explain your needs and she's the guru to guide you

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