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We are ready for the 2nd Day of the IALC Workshop in Bologna

Published on Saturday, April 21, 2018

Following a busy day of back to back meetings for most participants, the first day of the IALC Workshop in Bologna came to a grand end with a combination of cheese, wine, pasta and balsamic vinegar tasting at the Palazzo Albergati. As we made our way to the palazzo we stopped for a visit at ALCE Bologna, a really charming school in the historical heart of the city, and continued with a guided coach tour to our final destination.


Personally, I love admiring great views and lovely scenery but I also love knowing what it is that I'm admiring. Therefore, the guided tour was very welcome company along the way. We learnt some very interesting things about Bologna - firstly that it is home to the oldest university in the western world. The city is also surrouned by an ancient wall made of red bricks, a significant part of which survives until this day. As reached our destination we also discovered that Palazzo Albergati is one of the most important and original buildings of its kind in Europe. It used to serve as a country house to Girolamo Albergati, a member of a very important Bolognese family. Possibly, the most beautiful feature of this palazzo are its frescos which are found in practically every room of the palace....or maybe it's the magical front garden that greets visitors as they make their way to the entrance...I really could not decide between the two! :)


Day 2


After a magical evening which transported us back in time, we woke up to the second day of meetings at the IALC Workshop. As we speak, participants are walking into the meeting rooms to meet with each other. We will certainly be keeping you updated with the course of events through our social media channels, so we invite you to stay tuned and watch out this space for more updates from #IALC2018

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