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QE European Roadshow 2020

Published on Monday, November 25, 2019

QE European Roadshow 2020

Every year, Quality English and Quality Education host Missions in key European markets following ICEF Berlin. These boutique workshops continue to be increasingly popular with QE/QED schools who benefit from meeting with agents who appreciate meeting with high-quality independent schools in a friendly and professional environment. This year, the workshops were held in Rome, Madrid and Bilbao.

Event dates and locations

QE Rome:  7th November (7th event in Rome)

QE Madrid:  11th November (8th event in Madrid

QE Bilbao:  13th November (2nd event in Bilbao)


40 schools from 7 countries across the 3 events (Canada, Cyprus, Ireland, Malta, New Zealand, UK, USA)

110 agents across the 3 events

Corporate partners including, LanguageCert, eFlex Training, ElsieApp


QE is now in its 16th year and has held 111 agent workshops in 31 countries and has an Authorised Quality Agent Network of over 420 referenced agencies in 50 countries.

Currently 72 member schools and colleges in 9 countries, and 10 Quality English Associate Schools in 8 countries

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