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Intrinsiq Support: Paperless Attendance

Published Bernice on Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Paperless Attendance

A lot of countries have finally started their slow return towards normality in terms of resuming face to face classes, or getting ready to start again in the near future. However, this does not mean that all safety measures have been lifted. As a result, schools still need to continue taking the necessary precautions in order to continue operating face to face. Paperless attendance is one of these precautions that we are recommending for schools.

Pandemic or no pandemic, it’s the efficient way forward!

There are many schools out there who still take attendance manually, which can lead to various challenges or issues.

  • The attendance sheet may get lost or filed in the wrong place
  • The teacher might not have enough space where to write specific comments that he/she would like to include on it
  • With manual attendance sheets, it is not possible to identify particular trends in student behaviour
  • It is very difficult to track the path that a specific student took throughout his/her stay, especially if this is a long-stay student who has been at your school for months on end

Intrinsiq is the way forward because it is safe and contactless!

QR Attendance Tracking is a simple way in which students scan a QR code, displayed in class or on screen, on their phone and they scan it without making any contact with other classmates or the teacher once they are in class. Once their attendance is registered into the system, the teacher and the school’s admin will receive an update in real time, hence making this a super efficient system especially for schools with multiple buildings and annexes. Everyone in the main office can know who is present in class, without moving an inch from their desk.

We can help you!

Intrinsiq can help you because our system can integrate classroom attendance within your school management system. This means that your teachers can access their class list from their own mobile phone or tablet. It also means that your members of staff and your students will receive their class info directly on their phone or via email...hence saving lots of time (and paper!) on printing class sheets, reprinting each time there is a change, students not getting the info and checking with the office, students going to the wrong class and so forth.

And we’re giving 9 months FREE hosting right now!

So what are you waiting for? If you wish to find out about how your school may have such an efficient and paperless attendance system, do not hesitate to send Intrinsiq a message on

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