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News from IH Newcastle and IH Durham

Published EDU-WorldWide on Wednesday, July 24, 2019

News from IH Newcastle and IH Durham


We are very proud and grateful to announce that we have hit record numbers this summer peaking at 500+ students at IH Newcastle and IH Durham – both belonging to our newly formed company NE14Languages (Anyone for Languages!) an opportunity to duel brand and expand our marketing opportunities into the future!! Despite the chaos and uncertainty on the UK political scene, it is so lovely to know that our partners are still staying loyal to us and for that, we really thank you all. In return, we promise to ensure we give all your clients an unforgettable experience.


IH Durham Success!

We are happy to announce that our Junior Residential Programme has commenced this week! We are welcoming over 180 students who are joining us this summer!

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Wake up & learn English in the amazing historical Alnwick castle (aka Hogwarts in the Harry Potter movies)

Imagine actually living in one the oldest and best preserved castles in the UK? Well, this is possible now as we have the opportunity to offer classes and also accommodation actually in the castle!! We will be offering this experience at different times of the year for adults and younger learners. Not only will it be an interesting cultural experience but also exciting to know this was the location of the filming the first Harry Potter movies as well as many medieval Hollywood films!! More information coming soon..!

CLIL - Groups of 180 teachers from Spain arriving this summer!

CLIL – Teachers courses an unprecedented demand this summer! We have seen over the past few years a huge increase and demand for CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) and PMC (Personal Methodology Courses) however this summer has been the most successful. Over 180 teachers will be coming to us over the next 6 weeks due to the generous funding from the Spanish Government and also ERASMUS grants! As well as having on-site classes in our new residence they will also be offered an excursion to Edinburgh, York, and the Lake District as well as the famous castle of Northumbria. In addition, each teacher will have the opportunity to take the (TKT) Teaching Knowledge Test at the end of the course!! These courses are aimed at teachers and classroom assistants who teach subjects through English to primary or secondary school students and the PMC can be taken all year round …not just summer!!

Business English and Harvard! A great qualification to be added to your CV!

Harvard Success for many of our Business English students! Business English classes are combined with Business PSP, using Harvard Business School® materials to give task-specific language training, vital to handling any type of business context successfully and giving the opportunity to obtain up to certificates from Harvard!! Each module takes an average of 4 hours to complete. Access to Harvard Manage Mentor ® is available for 6 months post course completion! a great qualification to add to your CV!

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