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How to Tuesdays: How to Master Email Marketing

Published Bernice on Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Mastering Email Marketing

2020 has totally changed the way in which we communicate, and as a result, businesses in general have seen an increase in the number of email campaigns that they send out. This is mainly due to the fact that we missed communicating with our clients so much, that sometimes we felt the need to compensate for it...and in some cases this has even led to "over-compensation" in the form of spamming your recipients. In today's article we are going to take a look at the latest up and coming trends in Email Marketing for 2021...and how we, in international education, can make the most of this.

  1. Quality over Quantity....always!

This motto has never been more relevant. In a year in which people keep getting spammed by companies left, right and centre, you want your clients and readers to look at your email and smile and open, rather than cringe and delete. And the only way to achieve that is to create quality content that is relevant, helpful, and based on your readers' personal interests.

2. Help your readers through your Emails!

Your emails should be more focused on giving, rather than getting. In other words, send emails with language related tips, or things your potential students can do at home to improve the language you want them to come to you to study, or share useful information about your destination, so that once the borders open up again, they can come to you. You can also share useful VISA-related information with them for example.

3. One size does not fit all!

Like any other marketing campaign, your Email campaigns should have a key customer segment, or in this case audience, in mind. The way in which you would write an email to a group of adults, is totally different from how you would communicate with young adults. So if both of these are your potential clients, you need to be designing different Email campaigns for each one of these customer segments. To give you an example, an email campaign sent to young adults should, for instance, include brighter colours and more visuals.

4. Challenge your readers to do something

The best kind of Emails are the ones which are engaging. So rather than including the usual "call to action", you need to go for something smarter. Include a competition, or a riddle, or a puzzle....something that gets your readers' mental juices flowing and that makes them want to find a way to contact you.

5. And finally, Consistency!

'Consistency' is probably my favourite word in Marketing. If you cannot be consistent in what you do, then it's probably much better to not start at all. Marketing, and Email Marketing is no different, is something that works only if you can be fully committed to it. So sending an email in January (because you are not very busy), another one in February (because you still have the time), and then skip everything right up until October or November is not on. An Email Campaign, just like a Social Media campaign, for instance, is only successful if it is consistent.

This article has been brought to us thanks to BaiLogik, our sister company that focuses on Team Building, HR and Marketing.

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