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ATTENTION SCHOOLS: Classes are being hacked on ZOOM!

Published Bernice on Tuesday, April 7, 2020

How to Integrate Video Conferencing into your Distance Learning

Due to the current global crisis the international education industry has practically moved totally online. A lot of schools are now delivering online classes and a lot of them are using the platform Zoom. While we agree that this is very efficient, and have encouraged industry players to use it in the past (we even use it ourselves!!), we have recently been made aware by our partners and CRM experts Intrinsiq, that using Zoom without prior experience and training on it could potentially lead to problems.

The Problems

One of the biggest issues is that classes can be hacked on Zoom, which means that your teachers might be professionally delivering a class and an uninvited guest could gain access to the class link, enter the classroom virtually and cause havoc and disrupt the lesson. Things are already very challenging as they are… the last thing you want is someone disrupting your students or teachers (sometimes in very creative ways!).

Another issue is that if a school is not fully trained on how to use this platform, it might look unprofessional in different ways. For example, you might have a teacher entering a virtual classroom early only to find that students are already there waiting. Wouldn’t it be more professional and efficient to have a virtual waiting room for students to wait in while they wait for their teacher?

Technology problems could be another issue. No one wants to pay for a 90-minute lesson only to spend the first 30 minutes of it watching Tom solve his microphone problems, or hearing Lisa shouting “Can you see me?” ten times before she actually appears on camera. Wouldn’t the school look more professional if it had an allocated virtual space where to check out all of these issues with students individually before they all join the class for the lesson?

The Solution

We always say that we should let the professionals do their work. Changing from a face-to-face to a virtual school in a matter of days is not an easy task and many schools have managed to do the impossible. What we don’t want to do is to risk the school’s professional image because they might simply not be aware of some technicality related to the platform they are using. 

Our recommendation

Our recommendation is to schedule a call with the Intrinsiq Team on so that you can put your minds at rest that you are truly on the right track.

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