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Intrinsiq - Software made Simple

Published Bernice on Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Software made simple

When it comes to School Management systems, at Intrinsiq we’ve really gone out of our way to simplify things as much as possible, so that in most cases, most of the data that you need to input or retrieve, can be accessed at the click of a button. On top of that, Intrinsiq is a cloud-based system and this has been the case for many years. In today’s article we are going to look at how the new and updated Intrinsiq system can help turn those frowns into a big, happy smile!

Full Help Guide for new staff 

This is a dynamic guide which we are constantly updating in order to include any structural changes. This means that even when a custom option is added to your system, we update your user guide accordingly so as to aid future and current employees. We have had incredibly positive feedback on this from our clients, who have found the guide to be very useful when training new employees as even the simplest tasks are there. 

Integrated Student Portal 

This option lets a student log in and access their course details timetables and attendance, with as minimal contact as possible. With this option you not only save time as a student's profile is automatically updated once a class is assigned, but you also avoid an onrush of students in the main office asking to see their time table or checking their current attendance rate. Such a tool is especially useful right now due to the global pandemic measures.

Single page class management 

Thanks to the newly-updated system, class allocation and management can now be found on the same page. From this page you are also able to change the number of classes, days and times, and also assign students to a class just by dragging the student to the class needed.

Homestay Portal 

The Homestay portal is a really big hit with our clients, as host families can access all the data that pertains to the students they will be accommodating, from arrival dates, to flight details and times in a very simple manner by themselves without having to call and email and message your Accommodation Members of Staff every five minutes, especially during peak season. 

When allocating a student to a host family, the system itself will load the best matching host family to that particular student, based on criteria in the student record as well as availability. Once a student is allocated the family gets an automatic email where they can confirm, decline or send a question back to you. Once again,this avoids a lot of time wasted in back and forth calls from different host families to check availability and confirmations. Host families can access the portal with their own login to see all these details instead of calling at the office with the usual questions that take up the accommodation staff's time. 

Apart from that they can also choose dates where they are not going to be available, if, for example, they will be on holiday. That information will be automatically updated on the system. Host families can also choose to not have one of their rooms available for a period, if, for example they need to do maintenance work.

Editable yet Accurate Templates

All documents in the system are produced via Word Templates. That way you can edit your own templates and have all documents for students, agents and host families stored in one place. Again, the key factor here is saving time, instead of having to compile an email or document, one can just load up a template and all the data that needs to be in that document, such as names, dates, courses etc. are automatically uploaded leaving no room for human error.


These are just a few of the things that the new Intrinsiq system can do for our clients. Over the past weeks and months we have been sharing weekly articles about the individual features that our system offers, however, what we consider to be the key strength in Intrinsiq is the fact that we can create a custom-made product just for you based on your needs and necessities.

Get in touch

The bottom line is that whatever you have in mind, whatever system you are dreaming of in order to run your school more efficiently, is never beyond our capabilities. So we’d encourage you to get in touch with us on to set up a call so that we can start working on making your dreams a reality.

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