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The Double Decker - A FREE trip with the best teacher trainers

Published Bernice on Monday, May 18, 2020

Free Teacher Training

Gallery Languages are happy to offer and introduce a new series of online teacher training events for English language teachers and specialists from all around the World. This will be in the form of two presentations of 45 minutes each, which will be held twice in the same day so that everybody, regardless of which time zone they are living in, can still attend and enjoy them. The Double Decker event will be offered every two months. The events are for free.

The first event of 2 sessions will be held on the 10th June 2020. The first Session will be at 9.00am UK time and the second Session at 4.00pm UK time.

The programme

Welcome and opening of the event

Speaker: Giovanni Rottura

1st teacher training presentation: How can coaching and neuroscience help teachers?

Speaker: Rachel Marie Paling

2nd teacher training presentation Wonder and relevance in the classroom: Imagination, motivation and reflex

Speaker: Thomas Jones  

This teacher training session will be held on the Zoom platform and everyone enrolled will receive an invitation as well as a certificate of attendance signed by the two trainers. This certificate will be sent to you or your teachers by email. In order to register, please, send an email to Alessia Manoiero on 

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