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What to consider if you are an agent and want to join the FELTOM 2020 Malta Workshop

Published on Friday, December 20, 2019

This article will help those agents who are interested in taking part in the 2020 FELTOM Malta workshop to know exactly what to expect when they join this event.

In today's article we are going to shift our focus to the upcoming 2020 FELTOM Workshop which is an annual event held in Malta. This article will help those agents who are interested in taking part in this workshop to know exactly what to expect when they join this event.

What are the advantages of Malta as an ELT destination?

FELTOM works hard to promote Malta as a safe, professional, quality destination for English language learning whilst promoting FELTOM accredited schools.  Below are some of the main reasons why Malta is the perfect ELT Destination.

  • English is one of two official languages of Malta
  • Malta has High Quality English Language Schools
  • Malta offers a safe environment for both adults and teens
  • 300 Days of Sunshine
  • Steeped in history including historical sites dating back 6000 years
  • Culturally Diverse
  • Great entertainment for all ages
  • Delicious food and local wine

The ELT industry in Malta is one of the few industries that is fully regulated by means of a legal notice.  This industry handles over 85,000 students per year from over 60 different countries who attend lessons and activities at one of the schools licensed by the ELT Council. The ELT Council’s aim is to safeguard Malta’s reputation as a safe and quality destination offering high standard language learning opportunities. The sector ensures that all teachers are well trained, dedicated and professional. This holistic approach encompasses the high standards achieved locally which lead to Malta being recognised internationally as a top-quality ELT destination.

Why is it important for agents to visit the schools?

During the weeklong event, the agents will go around Malta and visit English Language Schools, they also have time to meet with attending English Language Schools on a one to one basis via scheduled meetings at the conference hotel.  The school visits are a main aspect of the FELTOM Workshop, as agents will get the opportunity to visit the school and see all of the facilities, as well as the possibility of seeing some of their onsite residences.

School Visits give agents the opportunity to see exactly what the school has to offer, in terms of locality, facilities and atmosphere. Agents will also meet with a variety of staff members within the schools whilst on the tour, such as accommodation departments, leisure departments, student welfare etc. This therefore helps to give the agents a better understanding when promoting a particular school.

How many schools do the agents get to see during the workshop and how are the schools assigned to the agent?

During our Workshop, agents get the opportunity to attend on-site visits at 50% of the schools attending the FELTOM ELT Workshop.

All participating schools are split into four different groups with approximately 5-6 schools in each group. During the application process, agents give their choice of which schools they would like to visit, in order of preference. Upon arrival, they are assigned their two different groups during the registration process. We always try to accommodate an agent’s first two preferences, whilst creating an equal number in each group.

Each group has a varied mix of schools from different categories and which are based in different localities. Each agent will then have a 30-minute visit at each of the schools in his/her group. This is a great opportunity to not only see the locality in which the school is based, but also to receive a tour of the individual schools and their facilities.

What do agents get to do/see during the FELTOM workshop?

The workshop is normally split into two parts:

  1. Visiting and getting to know the participating schools
  2. Exploring the Maltese Islands

During the weeklong event, the agents visit English Language Schools and are given a holistic view of each individual school, they attend networking events and pre-organised meetings with attending schools, sponsors, local official bodies and other professionals within the industry.

The agents enjoy a variety of sightseeing tours where they have the opportunity to experience the local culture, the beautiful and historical side of our island which dates back 6,500 years, tasted exquisite cuisine and viewed a variety of leisure venues. We felt that this is the best way for the agents to learn more about the great hospitality that we Maltese are known for. 

If you are interested in joining the 2020 FELTOM Malta Workshop, feel free to let us know and we will put you in touch.

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