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Keeping up with the Trends with Intrinsiq

Published Bernice on Monday, July 13, 2020

Powerful reporting, data interpretation and forecasting

Interpreting data is very often a laborious and time-consuming task, and frankly not a very welcome one, especially when this has to be added to a long to-do list that our friends in schools have. At Intrinsiq, we are pleased to inform you that this laborious task can just be changed to a simple “click of a button” thanks to the powerful features of the Intrinsiq platform.

Agent numbers and trends

The Intrinsiq platform makes it possible to track agent performance, to compare the performance of agents, and hence, to also identify any emerging trends and patterns coming from specific agents or particular markets. All at just the click of a button!

Find out what your trends are

Patterns and trends are really useful tools within companies. Schools are no different. The Intrinsiq platform allows you to interpret enquiries, which is helpful to identify whether there are any gaps in the communication process. Intrinsiq also helps you to automate and integrate your systems to maximise your return and therefore, convert more leads into sales. All at just the click of a button!

Powerful reporting should show your capacity

Sometimes, in business, when you feel that you’ve reached a comfort zone, it is good to ask yourself whether there’s more that you can do..and the probability is that such a question will open up new possibilities and lead to growth. The Intrinsiq platform can help you interpret such possibilities thanks to its powerful reporting.  The system’s fantastic connectivity tools also enable you to reach out to more potential students. For example you may leverage the security and speed of SMS services - over email. All at just the click of a button!


Forecasting is a tool that any school appreciates because once again it is something that not only helps to give an overview of class numbers in the future, but it also enables Sales and Marketing Departments to identify those markets that need a bigger push, or those areas that they need to target more efficiently. Having a tool that is integrated in your CRM and which enables you to do just this, is a very efficient way of helping school staff to do their forecasting even when based on seasonal or annual cycles, hence helping them to also allocate their marketing budgets more effectively. All at just the click of a button!

Don’t hesitate to contact Intrinsiq on  in order to find out how you can get on board too! Your solutions are just a click of a button away!

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