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How to Tuesday: How to choose which social media channels to be on

Published Bernice on Tuesday, June 1, 2021

How to choose which social media channels to be on

When it comes to chosing which social platforms to be on, many clients often tell us that they find it hard to decide and they fluctuate between wanting to be on all of them for more exposure, and ending up being on none of them because Social Media Marketing takes up too much time. Like everything else in life, we recommend Balance, and in today's article, which is brought to us thanks to BaiLogik, we will be shedding some light on the three networks which are the most effective in International Education, both if you are trying to attract direct customers, and also if you are looking to expand your school / agent network.

Start with Demographics

When choosing which social media network to be on, a look at demographics always helps. Start by asking yourself the question, "Who is my target market?", and once you define that, check out where your target audience spends its time. That is where you have to have a presence. The infographic below gives you some insight on this matter.


Different audiences may require different campaigns

In real life, we communicate with a 20 year-old and a 50 year-old in a different manner. On social media you need to do the same. That is why you will probably need to have a different social media marketing campaign targetted at different audiences. This also probably means that you need to have different social media campaigns for different social media platforms.

Does this sound too complex, or like too much work? Why don't you drop us a line so that we can help you make sense of it all!



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